Wednesday, December 18, 2013


It's snowing outside.  We had a week of downright balmy weather and today, the temperatures are predicted to plummet again.

I'm inside on my comfy couch, nursing The Plague a bad cold.

I'm wearing my favourite warm wool sweater and basically staring at the wall in a mild stupor.  A periodic sniffle proves I'm alive under the growing pile of discarded tissues.

I have a load of laundry chugging away in the other room.  That sound has always been a source of unexplained cozy comfort for me.

I can't muster enough energy to do much of anything, which is making for a really boring day for my dog and will explain why there's no photo to accompany this post.  *sniff*  

My dog, let it be known, is a master grumbler.  She constantly mutters under her breath and, when it gets completely unbearable for her, she'll come to me, tail wagging, ears back and with a look of complete earnestness in her eyes.  She must go outside, this instant, or the plane/bird/tumbleweed will be out of her grasp, forever.  Do I not understand the significance of this moment?!  

I drag myself up and over to the door, where she's now jumping up and down and making frantic noises of extreme urgency.  I know full well that she'll be appear at the front window in T-2 minutes with a similar, yet subtley different look on her face, asking to be let back in again, so the insane loop can begin again.

So, that's my day.  How's yours?


The Dancing Donkey said...

I am battling the plague as well. Your method of dealing with it sounds much better than mine, I'm trying to muster the energy to go clean the barn. Oh, and throw the frisbee for my dog, my own endless loop.

I hope you feel better soon.

Sharon said...

Bad enough to deal with the brutal temperatures but a cold too! Sorry you're under the weather but glad that Willow is there to keep you company:) My daughter's dog pulls the same routine ~

Eileen said...

That's why I'm not a true dog lover. I think they are great pets for other people. I'll stick to least their business can be done indoors!

Hope you are feeling better soon!

C-ingspots said...

Haha!! Oh how I love dogs!! And I know the look you're describing EXACTLY!! Ruby is the same way...we just don't get it, do we? :) But I'm sure she'll continue trying to make me understand. Hope you feel better real soon.

Catherine said...

Wayne is just starting to feel alive today. What a way to start Christmas holidays. Could be worse though. He could have been sick Christmas day. I would have to eat all the turkey myself. :)
Hope you are feeling better my friend!
xo Catherine

Nancy Claeys said...

Buck is a groaner too -- we talk to each other in this manner and it's pretty darn funny at times.

Hope you feel better soon -- no fun to be sick during the holidays. xo

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I hope that you are feeling better today...only you can wax poetic about having the plague.

Drink lots of fluids, some should be hot toddies.


altadenahiker said...

These lab-type dogs are always on the wrong side of the door.

Laura said...

I hope you feel better soon Carolynn. Wishing you joy and peace:-)

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